Friday, November 27, 2015

"The Economy Is A Detail. To Be Outsourced."

After years of trying, jobless consumers and their beloved corporations figured out how to bypass the U.S. economy completely. And then it collapsed. They were all shocked and outraged...

Direct-from-China (aka. Amazon) has all of the revenue growth with zero profit...

Dana Lyons Nov. 27, 2015

Because: "It's 1998 all over again"

If Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google follow Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, and Qualcomm circa 1998, then a 400% gain is possible from here...

In other words, the least profitable companies will go straight vertical while anything linked to the economy implodes...

Microsoft peak P/E ratio Y2K: 73

Amazon current P/E ratio: 950
Facebook current P/E: 105
Netflix current P/E: 335

Historical average Microsoft P/E: 15

1998 Deja Vu: Amazon peaked in 1998
Amazon is up 145% year-to-date, so what's another 400% for a company that still makes no profit after 20 years?

Amazon and Walmart