Friday, November 20, 2015

The Promise of The Joker And The Fool

There's a lot of anger out there to say the least. Social Mood has turned down and is now growing dark. Societal acrimony has been growing steadily throughout this entire clusterfuck.

It's enough to spawn talk radio programs, new TV talk shows, new political Tea Parties and extreme right-left candidates.

All so that people can talk about how angry they are with the status quo. Raging away at the fake-believe status quo is an industry like everything else in the Idiocracy. A media machine, busy selling advertisements while making geriatrics feel validated. The world is going to shit, but their Dow Jones retirement is lock solid. 

Because they all cynically agree on one thing...

Nothing is allowed to change. 

Because that could affect the Dow Jones Illusional Average.

So instead, they've opted to be buried by the promise of the joker and the fool.

Shit happens man.