Monday, November 23, 2015

The Linear Extrapolation Of Dumbfuckistan

The Fed is planning to raise interest rates into a collapsing global economy. There are two interest rate lift-off scenarios on the table. As always, I believe scenario 1 is more likely...

Scenario 2: less likely...but same result:

Junk Top

Oil & Commodity top

Leveraged loan top

Carry trade top

Small cap top

MS World top (ex-U.S.):

12 month top

Distribution top (NYSE up volume / total volume)

Options skew top (50 dma):

Global Dow Top

Transports top

Russell / Dow top:

High beta top:

Momentum top

Dollar top (S&P / Dollar ratio):


Rydex asset allocation top:

Inverse volatility top:

Breadth top

Profits top:

RSI (Relative Strength) top:

Retail top (equal weight retail / cap weighted):

New highs top: