Monday, November 16, 2015

The Grand Facade, So Soon Will Burn

The damage from the last bubble is still being felt, even as the sheeple are lined up for another fleecing...

Aggregate home prices are only back to levels first reached a decade ago. For those who bought during the peak bubble years, equity accumulation is nil...

MW: Nov. 16, 2015

Case Shiller National Home Price Index

Average equity accumulation. For those who bought near the top - an entire decade of house payments for NOTHING:

Americans were foreclosed back to the 1980s:

But - Coming soon..."The Big Short" the infotaining tale of how Wall Street imploded AIG using massively leveraged synthetic derivatives to short subprime, but then got bailed out 100 cents on the dollar by former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson (aka. Treasury Secretary), using taxpayer money.

"moral hazard occurs when one person takes more risks because someone else bears the burden of those risks"

A corrupt society can't recognize corruption, coming around again for the death blow