Monday, November 2, 2015

HALO CRASH 2015: Re-Pricing Insolvency

Did I say the market would crash from all time highs for the first time ever?

Am I not just pointing out the widely ignored obvious?

"Wall Street strategists who normally live and breathe data are now pushing a curious new narrative: Don't believe the data."

"At the end, they were crowded into the profitless internet fund while the economy imploded..."

Coiling volatility explosion visualized:

Look, it's a count that actually still works:
Wilshire 5000 is the broadest based U.S. index, including 5,000 stocks
The Daneric Wilshire Count:

Aussie / Yen w/S&P (black): aka. "Overnight Risk"

Coiled spring:

"It's year-end, and more importantly it's not my money, so fuck the data, bitchez"