Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sheeple Don't Ask Questions

That's what makes them sheeple.

They've outsourced all thinking to other dunces - the dunces they trust, because they've only let them down every time so far.

Sheeple don't question the obvious such as:

"Why do those people earn one tenth as much as we make, to do the exact same work?"

"Is it because we make better cappuccinos? Are we the best fucking cappuccino makers ever?"

They don't ask the questions, because they don't want to know the answers, they'd rather be clubbed like a baby seal and never see it coming.

Econo-Dunces don't ask questions either. That's what makes them Econo-Dunces.

Such as...

"Why is everything I learned in University turning to shit right in front of my eyes?"

"Was my degree a waste of time?"

"Am I a self-bankrupting dumbfuck?"

None of them ask questions. And that is why the ending to all of this can only be extremely "spectacular", beyond any possible description.

Plan accordingly. Expect the unexpected.