Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Appetite For Self-Destruction: "In Skynet We Trust"

It took corporations seven years to liquidate the status quo for special dividends, but they got it done. Stoned zombies got sold in broad fucking daylight, while entrusting their assets to Skynet and Wall Street...

"It seemed odd that people were retiring at age 25, but it didn't affect me at the time, so I said fuck 'em..."

We've been warned over and over again. The ending to this lurching disaster was always going to be binary. Those who fake-believe and those who don't. Panic ahead of time, or get buried...

Implied volatility (VIX etc.) is the capital cost of hedging. When markets are calm, computers use historical volatility as a proxy. When markets are in meltdown mode, options prices are set by panicked buyers and non-existent sellers...

Long-term VXO (S&P 100):

Weekly VXO 

3 Month Futures (VIX):

Oil Volatility

The XIV: Inverse Volatility ETF

Someone forgot to hedge
Index Put/Call Ratio 20 day moving average