Friday, November 6, 2015

The People At The Bottom, End The Ponzi Scheme

When they realize it's a fucking scam and they will never get paid back on the worthless IOUs, much less attain a middle class lifestyle. All while the people at the top blithely assume it will continue forever to their sole benefit...

Emerging Market currencies and bonds are heading back down again. Not impressed with Fed policy by Police Squad:

The Globalized Ponzi scheme is self-imploding one asset class at a time. Those who don't see it coming are by definition, the dumbest money.

Globalization was supposed to "solve" poverty, but instead it spread poverty worldwide. Shit happens. For a time, billunaires and speculators found various Central Bank assisted methods for monetizing the ever growing gap between rich and poor, for fun and profit. But global insolvency grows with each and every passing day. The reverse-Socialist bailouts are solely for the people at the top who blithely assume that the debts at the bottom will always get paid.

After all, their fake wealth depends upon it.

The last muppets are Wall Street, the billunaires and the buy-and-hold zombies. 

And they have no idea what's coming.

They are the dumbest money.

"If only we could have figured out a better way to monetize the grandchildren, this would have all worked out fine. We were so close..."