Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Poverty Is #Winning!!!

"At the end the corporations ran out of people to monetize..."

Corporations were the last to believe they could compete with poverty. Import it, outsource it, automate it, monetize it, exploit it. For fun and profit...

It was all going extremely well for the corporations for a long, long time. One by one they threw everyone else under the fucking bus. Far from the epicenter of pain, apologists on Wall Street, the media - various pundits having zero knowledge of day-to-day life inside a real company-  spun the lies that made it all work.  

And now it's their turn. 

Leveraged special dividends assure that most large corporations that feasted on cheap debt are now approaching insolvency. They squandered 0% imported poverty capital on dividends and share buybacks, to give the illusion of prosperity we live under i.e. the current self-cannibalizing fantasy, paid for with monetized poverty. 

The status quo is being sold every single day... 

ZH: Nov. 17, 2015 
Buyout Bubble Bursts As Carlyle Pulls Biggest LBO Of The Year

Leveraged loans aka. "Special dividends"

Treasury / Corporate (price) Ratio: