Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peter Pan Society: Born To Be Fake

A society of sociopaths trained to fuck other people over with a big happy smile...

Anyone knows that if you get into any type of downward spiral, you have to break the cycle. You have to reverse whatever habit or behaviour is causing the problem. That realization comes with maturity and a sense of personal responsibility. We know what happens if we don't break the cycle - we end up in a cardboard box under a bridge. 

Unfortunately, this society exhibits none of that maturity. It's an ever-more asinine and denialistic Idiocracy making up its own reality and becoming less responsible with every passing moment. Nowhere is this more on exhibit than in the area of Ponzi finance wherein every gimmick conceivable - and a few never before even considered - is used to monetize the future for consumption today. 

Today's "best and brightest"  aka. the dumb and dumbest, are merely a free lunch society constantly looking for the secret to effortless wealth - "The new Eldorado". Like a 50 year old man thinking he's Peter Pan, while becoming more grotesque and bloated with each passing day. A fucking glazed doughnut pretending to be invincible.

Denialism is abdication of responsibility, and this society is in denial about everything. All predicated upon a hubristic sense of confidence from selling off the accomplishments of prior generations while pretending to be wealthy. 

Sad and disgusting on every level.