Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Empire Strikes Back: Spectacle 24 x 7

The corporatized sheeple are being expended at an astronomical rate while watching spectacle 24x7...

This is exactly what ISIS wants: serial buffoons preoccupied with "fixing foreigners" while the empire collapses in broad daylight...

"We created ISIS, but that's irrelevant, fifteen years of serial blunders are behind us now. We're so much smarter than we were this time last week..."

March 4, 2015 Washingtonsblog
The list of risks greater than terrorism, includes almost everything from lightning strikes, brain-eating parasites, choking on food, falling out of bed. The odds of getting killed by knife and fork are 23,000 times higher than ISIS. The risk of a 400 pound fat man having a heart attack while choking on a sandwich while watching CNN or Faux News is approaching 100%...

The Empire is under Big Mac Attack:

"Dude, I'm lovin' it. We added some of that McD and some Lockheed Martin into the ISIS rally. The top Dow stocks in terms of body count..."

McDonald's: "Over a billion confirmed kills"

Lockheed Martin: "Millions and millions of foreigners carpet bombed for fun and profit"