Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Instant Depression. Just Add Panic.

There wasn't just one Bernie Madoff, there's a generation of Ponzi schemers revelling in fake wealth...

ZH: Nov. 10, 2015
Wholesale inventories have never been higher relative to sales. Ever

More negative revenue "growth" on the way...
Wholesale inventories - Wholesale sales:

The dogs of the Dow: 3rd quarter revenue bloodbath
aka. "It's only the Energy sector", dumbfuck delusion of the day

The latest channel-stuffing Ponzi scheme has been revealed:
Hedge fund roach motel: Mallinckrodt pharma...

Hedge fund roach motel: Valeant pharma...

Wages > Revenues > Profits  "Sumamabitch!!!"
S&P profits (red) with Fed funds rate