Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Globalization Is Rotting: "Rome As Usual"

It's not so much collapsing as just disintegrating from too many lies and too many liars. Today's Kardashian zombies will be shocked I tell you, to learn that "Rome as usual" is not just A-Ok. They can't see the corruption, because they are the corruption...

Implied Options Volatility (VXO) aka. "sumamabitch!!!"

Global Dow

NYSE Composite

Junk bonds

Money Flow:

Emerging Markets and oil stocks

Nasdaq 100 w/% of Nasdaq stocks above 200 day moving average

OECD Carry Trades (short Euro, long Aussie) w/U.S. 1 Year

Equal weight MINUS cap weighted S&P (red) versus the index

Equal weight DIVIDED BY cap weight zoomed out

Distribution: Up volume / total volume NYSE:

Nasdaq distribution

Interest rates (1 year) versus deflation

Copper with global growth rate

NYSE Composite w/% of stocks above 200 day moving average (Red)

Amazon w/Walmart
One has profit with no growth, the other has growth without profit (i.e. the one going parabolic)

One chart to rule them all...