Sunday, November 22, 2015

Denialism Is Killing The Status Quo

"Keep up the good work"

Denialists are their only enemy. Lying circus clowns playing fake-believe while their beloved status quo is dismantled and sold for special dividends in broad daylight...

"I thought we were in a steady state collapse..."

Here is what the typical denialist tool believes this week:

"Nah...It wasn't the best week in a year, it was the best week in TWO Years. Duh..."
(in the last 12 months these were the best two weeks, both ending at the exact same level)

Global Macro:
Canadian dollar, all commodities, U.S. deflation, EM currencies, Russian stocks:

The Arc of the Idiocracy
aka. Global stock markets

Labor Participation Rate with stocks divided by debt and CPI...

The Inconvenient Truth:
"The Idiocracy shall not pass"