Monday, November 16, 2015

CAUTION: Soul-Crushing Zombies Running Amok

Globalization's primary export is soul-crushing consumption zombies. Black Thursday sidewalk campers whose life aspiration is buying the next mass produced iGadget before they run out. They've been systematically drained of all humanity. 

Of course, they can't help it, not for nothing do the Incorporations spend half a $trillion to brain-wash insolvent disposable batteries into seeking the American Mirage, as depicted in 30-second big-titted advertisements. Why, I'm not sure, because the already-sold need no inducement to sell themselves out. 

Walk among the zombies long enough and your life force will be duly drained amid pointless game scores, Idiocratic Kardashian allusions, and AC360 bombing runs to stop foreigners from being foreign.

Welcome to the grand delusion. Sanity is optional.