Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ponzi World: Low Prices. Guaranteed.

"At the end, jobless consumption zombies rejoiced at low priced junk while Etraders hid in the least profitable stock(s) in the S&P 500 while the economy collapsed..."

Consumption zombies have an extra day to bankrupt themselves before this shit show ends i.e. Black Thursday - formerly known as "Thanksgiving"...

Internet index / Small cap index (red line):
Vertical blue line shows the last two times the ratio peaked i.e. the last two times that Etraders tried to hide in mega-cap Tech:

Corporate profits year over year change...

These are the stores that will be open on Black Thursday, formerly known as "Thanksgiving"...to give zombies one more day to bankrupt themselves...



JC Penney


Gap Stores


Dollar General

Walmart: Every day indeed...