Thursday, November 26, 2015

We Live In An Intellectual Potemkin Village

As fake, hollow, and empty as the zombies who desperately believe in it...

A marketing-based fabrication:

It's a figment of the Kool-Aid guzzling imagination. There will be no "do overs" for today's self-bankrupting human call options. Reality is closing in on today's pseudo-intellectuals stoned on junk food, junk culture, and their own self-serving hubristic bullshit...

They've constructed a universally accepted fake-believe delusion predicated upon the linear extrapolation of insolvency. An intellectual Potemkin Village with themselves conveniently installed at the top of DunceLand. Everything they believe assumes that the insolvent status quo will last forever.  

Supply Side economic theory and policy is morally, intellectually, and economically bankrupt. Something George Bush Senior figured out 35 figures ago, before he sold out. Papering over a 35 year trade deficit using fiscal and Monetary basis on ever more asinine scale, was like bailing out the Titanic. But that didn't stop the dunces of the day from proclaiming that "Keynesian" policy failed. The same way they would use antibiotics for 35 years straight and then proclaim they don't work.

Now, the de facto Idiocracy is painted into the corner, while lacking the mental faculty to acknowledge it. Still debating over whether or not to raise interest rates by .25%, a decade since the last rate hike.

Potemkin Village Visualized:
Leading index (Nasdaq 100) with Fed Funds interest rate. Relative Strength lower pane...

Key takeaways:
1) Relative strength peaked a year ago
2) This is the only time relative strength didn't peak with the market 
3) Interest rates usually peak with the market
4) RSI is diverging massively from the market

History will not be impressed by the Lost Boys, who will have the shelf life of a rotten banana when this charade ends...