Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All Empires Need Spectacle. To Hide Collapse.

Spectacle allows the silenced majority to die quietly unseen, the way they should...

Terrorists sell more TV advertisements than everyone else combined, and more military hardware - I mean "Keynesian stimulus". Without terrorists, the 'Conomy would have fallen apart a long time ago. Military hardware is the only product that can't legally be imported. Therefore it has the highest fiscal multiplier effect. Especially when it's being used up constantly. 

150,000 human beings die every day, roughly 20,000 of which are children dying of poverty. The odds of dying in a terrorist attack, are 1 in 20 million. Far lower than lightning strike or drowning in a bathtub. Police kill 55x more people than terrorists. 

So, it's not surprising, in the Idiocracy, that every day the "news" aka. spectacle, is the exact same as the prior day...because it diverts attention away from all of the things that are not being done to fix the status quo causing the terrorism in the first place...

Spectacle sends a strong message to terrorists, saying "You're winning, keep up the good work. Ratings have never been higher".

And Lockheed Martin hits a new all time high...

Al Qaeynsian Stimulus:

U.S. Defense Contractors versus Global Trade (Baltic Dry Index):