Saturday, October 31, 2015

When Prices Go To Zero, Jobless "Consumers" Will Benefit

The age of "free trade" aka. corporate arbitrage, is over. Don't tell anyone, it's still a secret. Why spoil the surprise?

When prices go to zero:

Profits will go to zero

Fake wealth will go to zero

Official "Unemployment" will go to zero

Employment will go to zero

Econo-dunces who actually believe there exists an entity called "consumer" will be bankrupt

And the streets will burn like the fourth of July

All because "free trade" is not free. But don't tell anyone, because they haven't figured it out yet...

Game of dunces visualized:
"I thought it was odd that everyone retired at the same time"

"includes both employed (employees and self-employed) and unemployed people, but not the economically inactive, such as pre-school children, school children, students and pensioners."

"At the end, there comes a generation that is so fucking dumb, that they lay themselves off for special dividends"