Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Obamanomics: Corporate Shock Doctrine On Steroids

The Captain of the Titanic aka. the Republican Manchurian Candidate, was elected to continue Bush's post-9/11 economic Shock Doctrine, under the guise of being the Muslim Communist Anti-Christ. Just to preoccupy Fauxtards while they were being outsourced. 

Today he was taking a victory lap on the 'Conomy.

Lying? Moron? Both?
As was said about Reagan during Iran-Contra, it would be worse if he really didn't know what the fuck was going on...

Foodstamps and corporate profits

Median household income. At 1989 levels...

GDP - Federal debt:

Employment and interest rates...

Remember: "lower interest rates are good for the 'Conomy"

Capacity utilization

Home sales (red) versus U.S. population (blue)

Money printing aka. Socialism for Billunaires

Stocks deflated by debt and inflation: