Friday, September 25, 2015

Mass Production Created The Middle Class. Now It's Destroying It

This is the era of corporate Shock Doctrine wherein corporations liquidate their end market aka. the middle class and are now liquidating themselves via stock buybacks, amid falling revenue.

ZH: Sept. 25, 2015
Big Business Is Economic Cancer

To paraphrase: The Benefits of Small Business over Mega-Corporations:

Small businesses create the vast majority of jobs
According to this article from earlier this year, small business created all net new jobs since 2012: Five Years Into Recovery, Dow Companies Squeeze Workers, As Investors Thrive

Labour intensity, and labour diversity. Less specialization allows workers to gain a variety of useful skills

More competition, less monopoly/oligopoly

Less political corruption

I would add...

More wealth retention within the community

Less poverty

Local sourcing/Greater economic multiplier

More diverse economy

More entrepreneurship/ownership

Happier/healthier society

Balanced economy

No casino / Bankster rent-seeking.