Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Let Them Eat Foodstamps And Ammunition"

Not even one day can be Labor Day in America Incorporated.

As should be expected, instead of being entreated to an essay on why the status quo is imbalanced and inherently skewed towards corporate profit, instead, we get an essay on why proposed policy changes towards a living wage, are doomed to fail. You can't make this shit up. For 35 years, labor has been getting crushed for ever-higher profit, but apparently the unsustainable aspect of this equation is higher wages:

"The Failed Moral Argument For a Living Wage"

The failed amoral argument for having your head up your own ass and thinking it's night...

One day a year is Labor day, the other 364 days are Profit Day, but for this one day, self-absorbed garbage men have to tell us how higher wages are impossible. I wouldn't wipe my ass on their Cracker Jack box degrees. Apparently, someone fell asleep in history class...

Hint for boy-men: neither one of these is sustainable
Profits and Wages (% of GDP):

We live in a toxic waste dump. Run by self-absorbed, entitled, tone deaf pricks who never EVER know when to stop kicking people when they're down.

"But Americans don't believe in class warfare"
You mean brainwashed Fauxtards don't believe in class warfare. Ever hear of the American Revolution? That's when now-sanctified heroes rose up against a corrupt elite and threw off the yoke of oppression. 

Elites like to think of that as a "one-time" event. As if people only got fed up in the 1700s. 

All societies live and die by their assumptions, this one will be no different. 

When the music stops and all of the remaining chairs get taken away, everyone will be on the same page.

This is all just a big fucking experiment - someone had to prove that it wouldn't work. And the ones who proved it are the ones right now talking about the "unsustainability of higher wages"

This shit show is going to explode in every fucking direction, much sooner than any elitist frat boy could possibly predict.