Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Yuan Devaluation Was The Lehman Moment

Unfortunately, the Idiocracy slept through it. Shit happens man. 

Only one U.S. sector peaked AFTER Lehman. It wasn't consumer staples. It wasn't Utilities. It wasn't defense contractors. It wasn't retail brokers. All of which peaked concurrent or prior to Lehman...

It was brewers, which just caught a takeover bid due to the Anheuser/Miller proposed mega-deal:

Deja Vu:

The rest of CasinoConomy is well into bear market...
At the recent lows:
Resources - 74%
Casinos - 50%
Energy: -42%
Construction: -40%
Transports - 25%
Semiconductors - 23%
Biotech - 17%

Rest of World