Friday, September 11, 2015

Globalization Must Die For This Planet To Live.

Corporate Bernie Madoffs tried to create a perpetual growth machine where there isn't one. Something has to go and it's going to be them. Current "fair valuations" inconveniently extrapolate the inherently unsustainable into perpetuity - which is not as long as it used to be.

But no one wants to see it coming - the beloved insolvent status quo repriced to zero. The Globalized human ATM machine is sacred to billunaires, and de facto bankrupt mass consumption junkies alike. Being honest is never an option to egomaniacs and corporate disposable batteries...

Even at this very late stage, the Globalized death star remains off radar. It's the assumed status quo - it has to exist, or else all of "this" goes away. It's taken for granted that someone in the Third World will always be exploitable for ten cents on the dollar to do the exact same work we used to do, and paid with worthless IOUs...

Globalization is the cloaked death star of denial. It's so much taken for granted that it's never even discussed as a separate risk. Its implosion is by far the most imminent and cataclysmic event we face, and yet it's just assumed it will always exist. Why? Because the globalized economic Ponzi scheme is the funding mechanism for ALL aspects of this multi-decade failed experiment in greed and mass consumption. The tentacles spread first to the CasinoConomy which is in its very latest stage of collapse, where desperate geriatrics gamble away their life savings while pretending to be wealthy. Peak resource over-investment comes compliments of monetized poverty at 0%, while extrapolating already imploding demand growth into the perpetual future. Geopolitics melt down in real time as decades' long clusterfucked policy in the Middle East manifests in mass human migration, as anarchy explodes. And a de facto Idiocracy on the verge of mental breakdown turns to Faux News and coloring books for escape. 

At the heart of it all the only known inhabitable planet in the universe is dying, amid infantile mass denial. 

This just in:

"The size of the bloom and the amount of time it has lasted in the ocean are already unprecedented, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It stretches across much of the West Coast of North America, from Monterey Bay off the central coast of California all the way up to the Aleutian Islands in the southern region of Alaska.

Scientists had previously believed that domoic acid was water soluble—meaning that it could be flushed out of the bodies of animals that ingested it, Kudela said.

But researchers have since observed domoic acid building up in the tissues of fish, leading scientists to doubt that notion. They also think that the toxin may be spreading to a wider array of marine life than they had previously thought was possible."