Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bernie Madoff Is Wondering Why He's The One In Jail

Einstein's definition of an Idiocracy:
"Trusting the same buffoons over and over again, each time expecting a different result."

A 1970-era recession is today's "recovery"

This just in: "The world could end if interest rates are raised to .25% from 0%"

Yes, it's a ringing endorsement for the (ine)quality of their 'recovery' by the exact same people who architected it... 
The sheeple don't trust anyone who can be trusted. Far preferring loud blow-hard circus clowns over commonsense and reason. 

The chorus of buffoons calling for the Fed to "delay" until never, the first rate hike in six years, by a puny .25% - grows louder by the day. You would think that they're about to spike rates to 8% by the way these jackasses are talking.

If one were to generate a list of people/entities to run away from at all costs, it would have all of these names at the top of the list...

ZH: Sept. 10, 2015
Krugman, Goldman Sachs, China, IMF, World Bank, Summers: Demand no rate hike

It's the who's who of clueless dunces. The exact same serial buffoons who got us into this clusterfuck in the first place. Just add Greenspan and Bernankenstein to round out the list. 

They can never admit that they're wrong, because they would have to admit that they were never right. They would have to admit that they've been making this all up for years and decades now.

0% can't fix the problem, 0% is a result of the problem...
Only non-stop lying makes this all "work":

There was never any exit strategy to the Hotel Californication that today's Bernie Madoffs got us into. There was only Fake Believe right to the very end.

And now their entire charade hangs on .25%. Meaning it's set to blow any minute now...