Sunday, September 6, 2015

Denialism Is Abdicated Responsibility

First towards others:

Then towards self:

Carbon sequestration visualized...

Featuring the unique inability to trust anyone who can be trusted:

"Didn't Wall Street already try to collapse the global financial system?"

"Let's give them one more chance. They can do better this time"

"Don't worry bitchez, just keep buying"

A third wave down at all degrees of trend. Visualized:
Global Dow 
April 2007 levels and falling. Lehman is circled at left...
With Global GDP growth (red) also falling

One doesn't "predict" what has already happened. Being an oblivious dumbfuck with an addiction to serial liars, is not a "Black Swan" event. Reality always wins, and the longer it takes, the bigger the prize. 

"When you really don't want to see it coming, there's coloring books and Faux NewsTM"