Friday, September 4, 2015

Apocalypse Now: Faux News And Coloring Books

South Park And Friends has gleefully lowered itself into the abyss with the aid of vacuous mannekins...

Faux News and Coloring books two things that go great together:
"Because when you can no longer handle the pressures of being an adult, it's time to regress into an infantile second childhood"

The top 2 bestsellers are coloring books for adults:

Non-stop lying and bullshit has made a big bang ending to this disaster inevitable. 

This just in, stock futures are tanking because the fake believe jobs report has lowered the fake believe unemployment rate to 5.1%:

The U.S. lost 8.7 million jobs during the recession, gained roughly 11.7 million back. And the population grew by 16 million in the meantime. Each new McJob cost $750k in U.S. debt. 

"And then everyone retired at the exact same time"

Crash landing visualized:

S&P with Yen (dollar): U.S. day session:

Yen / dollar: overnight view:

Yen / Aussie: overnight view:

Yen / Aussie: Weekly

Fauxtards are decoupled from reality, not submerging markets.