Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Let Them Eat Scuba Rice"

The world's richest man just found the solution to famine arising from coastal flooding due to global warming: "Scuba rice". You can't make this shit up...

In the context of someone who makes every minute what the average Third World person makes every 7.5 years. He's really in touch with reality...

"By 2050, global food demand is expected to increase by 60%. Declining harvests would strain the global food system"

[There won't be a planet in 2050, but there will be 60% more people]

"...increasing hunger and eroding the tremendous progress the world has made against poverty over the last half-century."

[i.e. the "doubling in prosperity" from $1/day to $2/day over 50 years]

"Even if the world discovered a cheap, clean energy source next week, it would take time for it to kick its fossil fuel-powered habits and shift to a carbon-free future."

[The world doesn't need to 'discover' clean energy, the world needs to 'discover' insolvency, and then carbon will fall like a rock]

"The rice farmers I met in Bihar, for instance, are now growing a new variety of flood-tolerant rice — nicknamed “scuba” rice — that can survive two weeks underwater."

We've seen this movie before...

"And the fake billunaires were the last to know..."

Microsoft with Fed balance sheet

Scuba rice will fix everything