Sunday, August 23, 2015

"The Horrors": Staring Into The Abyss

Billunaire Trump comes out swinging for the Middle Class. 
Unfortunately, he's only 15 years too late. Good timing.

Below, Mohammed El-Erian says we need Quantitative Easing for Emerging Markets.

Today's "elite" are starting to realize that the Ponzi Scheme is collapsing from the bottom to the top and they are now staring into an abyss...

Apparently El-Erian is a NeoCon "Keynesian" now and we can fix every problem just by throwing more money at it. Keynes clearly had no idea there would be so many idiots to follow, or else he would have written his theories in a fucking colouring book. 

Unfortunately, Emerging Markets already have way too much debt. Lower interest rates will tank their currencies and Quantitative Easing would stoke inflation. There's no "policy option" left for them to use. The structural imbalances of Globalization have accumulated to a point that there literally are no options left for today's stooges. 

Granted, unlike most, he's smart enough to understand that more QE for Wall Street won't fix the problem, but not quite there yet to understand that QE (debt monetization) for Emerging Markets was NEVER EVEN AN OPTION. 

Under Globalization, Emerging Markets export deflation and import inflation. Whereas, Developed markets import deflation and export inflation. The only reason the Developed economies can have 0% interest rates and money printing is because their fucking economies are dissolving.

He'll get it eventually, as will everyone else. It will just be way too fucking late. 

There's no such thing as "free money". Only the Idiocracy would believe that money is free. 

"They were all set to monetize poverty at 0%, when they got monetized" 

I hate when that happens.