Monday, August 24, 2015

There's Nothing As Desperate As a Commie Capitalist

They adamantly oppose Socialism. Except for themselves. For them it's critical. 

More than anyone, they want to keep this shit show together. If only for their own sake and literally no one else's:

And of course, for the Davos Summits, $100 million dollar penthouses, Mega-yachts, but most importantly, so that everyone doesn't realize that their Ponzi "wealth" is utterly fake. 

#Ref: Does not resolve:
A circle of jerks visualized:

Ponzi capitalists look to China to misallocate more capital to "fix" the misallocation of capital. Another market intervention to fix the market intervention. 

Why? Because Slumdog Billunaires just got shellacked:

"Listen bitchez, my stock is below balance sheet trend line...Do your fucking job or you won't have one!!!"

Microsoft with Fed balance sheet

Warren Buffet & Co:

The People's Bank of China is propping up global billionaires while they lose everything.

Karl Marx is laughing his ass off. 

He alone predicted that the ever-dwindling .0001% would eventually kill capitalism in their bid for insatiable wealth. He knew that given enough time and enough tools, they would bribe their way to self-destruction.

The people who say they don't want Socialism (or Communism) are the fucktards making it happen.

Because what they really meant is that they don't want Socialism for everyone else.