Monday, August 31, 2015

A 35 Year Trade Deficit Is Not A *Free* Market

The cost of a 35 year trade deficit is called "sovereign banktruptcy" aka. Federal debt compounding at 9% annually. China's acquired wealth is not measured in reserve dollars, it's measured in factories. 

If today's "capitalists" actually believed in capitalism, this shit show would have ended in 2008. No bailout. No Wall Street. Barter economy. But instead, they inform us constantly about the *free* market. Such as the one that is propping up stocks right now compliments of trillions in printed money. Or the 0% subsidizing special dividends compliments of a 35 year trade deficit aka. intra-generational theft...

"Economics 102"
I just read that Walmart can't afford a higher minimum wage, due to the *free* market. Which means that the lowest paid people in society need to be collapsed down to the rest of the world making $1/hour or less, while the people at the top of this clusterfuck have their fake wealth printed by Central Banks, while giving everyone lectures on "free markets".  

Econ 101: Current account = capital account
There is nothing *free* about a trade deficit
Trade deficit versus debt:

"Let Them Eat Hornady 5.56mm" 
The only "free market" was the bailout handed to Wall Street in 2008. When the music stops the next time around, there will be no "free market". Instead, there will be what's known as a 'hard landing" i.e. mass implosion sans bailout. Only when all of the chairs get taken away at the same time, will everyone be on the same page about "free markets" and competing with people making $1/hour or less. There is no belief system or ideology that is any match for reality. 

Today's "Free market" visualized
i.e. Dow with Fed balance sheet and 0% while the economy is sold for special dividends: