Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Madoff Moment: The Globalized Ponzi Scheme Is Collapsing

China's Yuan devaluation triggered domino collapse. The flow of fake wealth 'hot money" back to the Emerging Markets via the carry trades, was always the weakest link in this Ponzi clusterfuck. 

Domino collapse visualized:

There wasn't just one Bernie Madoff on Wall Street, there is a generation of Bernie Madoffs on Wall Street aka 'Trusted sociopaths' to the stoned Idiocracy. All pretending that their PhD-designed momentum strategies are not massively correlated with everyone else's.

The momentum-driven Ponzi scheme will unwind overnight literally. As trillions in "hot money" flows out of Emerging Markets amid currency collapse. This week was merely a preview of the main event. Slumdog billunaires will be the very last to realize that their fake wealth was predicated upon industrial arbitrage. A one-time self-liquidating Cayman "dividend". There's no demand in the Third World for the 10x overpriced shit they sell, and demand here is predicated upon debt accumulation.

'b' waves are fake rallies, based upon unsustainable fundamentals aka. 'debt'...

Dow losses will be measured in decades. 

Comes The Deluge
"And then China blinked and devalued. Third World deflation immediately flooded the entire planet. Imported by multinational corporations and Mad Men and exported by child sweatshops. Into the eager hands of jobless bankrupt 'consumers'"

"And then the unwind began, as Ponzi "wealth" fled Emerging Markets overnight. To the shock of "everyone", the scheme was insolvent"

40 days and 40 nights