Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DENIALATION: Cheerful Self-Implosion

The Idiocracy is in denial about EVERYTHING...

To say that this will all end abruptly and cataclysmically, is an asinine understatement. The usual denialists are so oblivious as to their total predicament, that just the financial implosion kick-off to this "reset" alone, is going to monkey hammer them into fucking oblivion...

Gap 'n Trap Visualized:
There are no new buyers in no man's land.
Every tool who could be conned in six years is already ALL IN.
Anyone who couldn't be conned won't go near this disaster.
Institutions are selling at the fastest rate EVER.
And Skynet will dump off-hours aka. 3am...

RISK OFF Visualized
This is what it looks like when another generation of Etraders gets monetized
Rydex Bull: Bear Asset allocation
Doh! Change of plans...

Of all major markets, the Japanese Nikkei peaked last and lost 9 months of gains in 8 fucking trading days (-15%). Where do you get buyers who will step back into a market like that?

The Yen is tracking the Nikkei:

The UK FTSE has wiped out two and a half years of gains since peaking late April...

The Dow is sitting at a level first reached in December 2013
The average stock (red line) is sitting precisely at Lehman levels...

The deep fried zombies are ready to be served.