Monday, August 24, 2015

Catch A Falling Buzz Saw: The Damage Is Done

Selling to the usual home gamer stooges...

A Third Wave at all degrees of trend. Doesn't give up its dead.
Global Dow

CasinoConomy Monkey Hammered:

"Buy the last dip, bitchez"

"Central Banks can override the price mechanism"
Chinese stocks:

Or not...

IPO Flash Crash Visualized:
CYNK'd down to $12 and then recovered -3%...

The Yen Carry Trade Reversal: Damocles Sword
"Got overnight risk?"

This is what happens when the Euro rallies and NO ONE sees it coming i.e. OECD Carry Trades come off in a hurry...

The steepest volatility rise in history
aka. "Black Swan Event"
aka. "No blind man saw that coming"
aka. Hotel Californication

Inbound object:

"It was a bad time to be ALL IN"