Monday, July 6, 2015

The CasinoConomy: 'Retirement' By Russian Roulette

The CasinoConomy was invented by Bernankenstein, self-appointed 'student of the Great Depression' and Bernie Madoff disciple. The way it works is that instead of investing in a real economy, which seems like a lot of work, gamblers instead throw their life savings into ever-more worthless assets, bidding up the prices, while pretending to be momentarily wealthy. 

At the end, everyone realizes at the exact same moment that they are actually bankrupt. And that they are history's largest group of serially monetized dumbfucks, without any comparison.  

"Got 'Conomy?"

One of these represents sad reality, the other represents the power of 'Imagined Realities'

The black line represents the bond market's assessment of the likelihood of the economy floating back from China. The red line represents Etraders being monetized for fun and profit.
Interactive Brokers with forward reflation expectations 

Our grandparents learned their lesson in 1929, for the rest of their lives. The Baby Boomers have been clubbed like baby seals three times by the exact same psychopaths. Someone smoked too many doobies in the '60s. 

This time is going to fix all that.