Friday, July 3, 2015

Reality "Skepticism": Swan Song of the Idiocracy

"As a dedicated reality skeptic, I ignored all of the warning signs, right to the very end."

The real story, totally ignored in this massively fucked up era, is that the deep fried Idiocracy has no clue they are being liquidated en masse in broad daylight. In what can only be described as human history's largest game of musical chairs. 

"At the end, the corporations laid off everyone. For maximum profit and zero revenue. Text book corporate finance."

History's largest society of retards without any comparison. Laid themselves off.

"No blind men saw that coming..."

Dow at all time highs, labor participation rate at Brady Bunch levels. I smell deep fried zombie.

Greed as a national ideology, was just an experiment. Someone had to prove it wouldn't work.