Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Inconvenient Monkey-Hammering

This society enjoys being ass raped by the exact same psychopaths over and over again. 

Suffice to say that Bernie Madoff would be extremely proud of how Ponzi World is ending...

"Spectacular rallies await those who buy Greece NOW!!!"
Hindenburg Omen x 6:

Hindenburg Omen Visualized:
A multi-year overbought market at all time highs, with the vast majority of stocks already tanking. We'll never see this again, in our lifetimes. For obvious reason.

NYSE New Highs 15 week average:

It was a bad day for Emerging Markets and Oil, as expected, the locus of totally ignored risk...

EM Credit:

"If you don't throw all of your money away, you'll never retire"

In Greed We Trust.