Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Pestilence, Famine, Denialism

The Sixth Mass Extinction is underway, with extinction occurring at 100x the natural rate. Unfortunately it includes humans, and is caused by humans. So, as expected, there is mass denial about mass extinction. 

Denialism: is a weakness of the mind, rendering the sufferer incapable of facing the truth; it usually afflicts old people, but can afflict young people, due to consumption addiction which weakens the brain. It's contagious and fatal. The only known cure is Zen to strengthen the mind, which unfortunately is a totally foreign concept to dopamine-addicted zombies. 

Denialism is nature's way of putting people out of their own misery while solving the problem at the same time. It's Euthanasia for the mentally infirm - merciful and brutally efficient. Today, denialism is epidemic, it's the zombie virus. Like Ebola, it has to burn itself out by killing the host, so it can't propagate.

From an evolutionary standpoint, denialists serve an extremely important purpose: they blind the herd to risk. Making thinning (strengthening) possible. If the herd saw it coming, it wouldn't work. There has been no thinning for far too long, which has allowed the dumbest fucking people and their ideas, to flourish. Things can only improve when the denialists and their ditto heads are gone. Denialism has put this species at extreme risk, so it needs to be allowed to "run its natural course"...

Post-2008 Denialism stampede visualized:
"This way to hope and change"
The natural zombie herding process increases the average IQ and frees up resources, making sustainable change possible:

The stampede is already in full motion, so it's important not to inadvertently volunteer for early "retirement" in a FEMA camp, by believing all of the bullshit. 

Most in the developed world will be self-obliterated by their own Denialism. Denialists are the first to go, which is merciful because they have no will or ability to live in a real world anyway. Life without shopping sprees is unthinkable. The corporate disposable batteries have served their purpose and are tagged for disposal.

Having consumed their own future, the Idiocracy's only recourse is an invented reality. The status quo is a dead-end. They have very limited time, and are desperate to refute any shred of reality that could impair shopping sprees today. It's a garbage society ready to be flushed down the toilet of history, by their own hand. 

Therefore, we live in the Age of Denialism overrun with professional liars spinning lies for an old age home painted into a corner. This is an infantile society wholly void of any sense of responsibility, preoccupied with monetizing its own children and grandchildren by any means possible, now featuring ponzi-debts and negative interest rates. A comfort-seeking Idiocracy incapable of facing reality in any direction - economy, environment, resources and especially the all-important Walmart-oriented lifestyle. Stoned zombies having consumed their own future, and in doing so unwittingly self-selected themselves for extinction.  

Fortunately, nothing bulk thins the herd as efficiently as denialism. And it's the fairest form of obliteration. Self-nominated extinction. Darwin has a special solution for members of a species that can't face risk of any kind. 

A global warming denialist circa 2015, extolling the benefits of drinking fracking waste water, due to drought:

The Sixth Mass Extinction Visualized:

We can't reach the quota without the denialists. Fortunately, they are the first to go, and they wouldn't have it any other way. The real world is no place for self-absorbed zombies lacking any survival imperative. 

But don't take my word for it. A hard rain is a-gonna fall. And the more "volunteers" up front, the better.

#Desecration #Tribulation