Sunday, June 21, 2015

When You Sell Others, You Get Sold


Red lines: Stocks and stock market leverage are at all time highs. Consumer sentiment is at 2007 peak levels 

Black line:
Forward economic expectations were lowered yet again this week as they have been for six years straight - The liecovery serially postponed until never. Casino gamblers went ALL IN on the news.

Buy the Fucking Collapse:

Global growth (black) is at a ten year low and falling
Copper (red):

Carry trades (black) are Risk Off:

It was a bad time to be ALL IN Netflix, revenueless IPOs, Vancouver crack shacks, London penthouses, Spanish ponzi bonds, unhedged funds, Chinese internet stocks, and all other "Imagined Realities"...

History's largest charade is set to end as violently as possible. Apparently it took a while to get everyone onboard, and to leverage the multinationals for maximum obliteration.

"At the end, the multinationals, having monetized everything and everyone else, monetized themselves via stock buybacks and *special* dividends funded at 0%, compliments of Third World child sweatshops. No one blinked an eye. It was business as usual for the stoned Idiocracy."

There was nothing left to bail out.