Sunday, June 28, 2015

In the End The Idiocracy Consumed Itself. For a Profit Of Course.

The last stage prior to collapse

Aside from the denialism which near-term serves to hasten the collapse, the all-encompassing reason this society is not built to last, is its overriding infantile lack of responsibility towards future generations.

Instead of leaving things better for the next generations, this generation did the exact opposite, monetizing its own children via Ponzi debt and every other PhD contrived device conceivable, merely for consumption. Paul Kennedy warned that every late stage society consumes itself. And 28 years ago he knew it was already happening: Prechter's fifth wave had started with Reagan - A manic blow off top, attended by hubristic sociopaths. Subsequent to 2000, we've been locked in stair step decline approaching acceleration. To date, due to PhD quality financial engineering at 0%, about five generations have been consumed. All of which Ponzi debt needs to be wiped away.

In the Idiocracy, everything is for sale, including the children...
Corporate profits baselined to GDP

If a policy isn't good for three generations forward, then the policy isn't good. And we need not expect today's boy-men to understand that concept. Just take the garbage to the curb. They had a good run, they're not owed anything. A society without values has absolutely no value.

Rebuilding is only possible without them.

The Ayn Randists are a sad, self-obliterating footnote. History will not be kind to the Lost Boys.