Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lehman Risk x10

Payback is a bitch. The Idiocracy thought they got a free lunch in 2008 when they gave Wall Street the free bailout.

Meanwhile, the six year tab has been running this whole time and now it's due, with no one seeing it coming. The main difference being that we are a trend degree higher than 1929 on the Elliot Wave scale.

For my part, I have a strict rule about being serial ass raped by the exact same corrupt dunces. But I've come to accept that some people rather enjoy it...

Northern Trust


Growth/Value ratio





Price / Volume

Nasdaq with percent of stocks above 200 day moving average

Transports as ratio of S&P

Same risks as 2008 (above), but "slightly" different preparation:
Today's .44 single day index put/call ratio was the third lowest in 10 years 

Or as Prechter would say, the most persistently bullish consensus in U.S. history

All based upon lies and bullshit.