Monday, June 29, 2015

Denialation: The Problem That Fixes Itself

"No one saw that coming..."

Except Goldman Skynet:
Etraders have already been sold. They just don't know it yet. As it was prior to Lehman and the Flash Crash... 
NYSE up volume / total volume

Dow % of stocks above 200 DMA: Lehman Level...

S&P 500 with 52 week range of average stock

MW: June 29, 2015
This just in: "We're not Greece, we pay our bills. With freshly printed money."

...Because there has to be an economy, in the first place...
Interest rates normally should have peaked by now. The Fed has no dry powder...
Stocks versus The-Illusion-Formerly-Known-As-the-Economy.

EWI (aka. Prechter & Company):
The Ending Diagonal: A Pattern that sends shivers down investors' spines...
"A rising ending diagonal is usually followed by a sharp decline retracing at least back to the level where it began and typically much further."

(Overnight) Risk is binary

I smell deep fried zombie...
"What me worry?"
NYSE TRIN: Selling pressure. 5 indicates panic.