Saturday, June 13, 2015

Living Large In The Bernie Madoff Society

Raised from birth to believe in the self-serving impossible. Acquisition being the sole purpose in life.

By the end of Extend and Pretend, the lies and liars were certified gold standard. Status quo. An entire generation of denialist Bernie Madoffs running amok. Spending all of their time faking solvency. The 2008 wake up call ignored like it never even happened.

They could accept any horror story, except the truth. "No one can 'predict' the inevitable", the mantra of the day.

Crushed like a fucking tin can by their own self-serving lies and arrogance. Systematically rounded up and herded by Walmart deflation and fellow con men into the riskiest of ventures. Never once questioning interest rates stuck at 0% for six years - their Faustian Bargain, sponsored by Third World child sweatshops, which they funnelled into Netflix stock and McMansions.

Zero percent, for a price: $Everything

Contrary to the corporate Mad Men of the day who need to deflect blame at all costs, Central Banks can't set interest rates in a vacuum, they must follow the inflationary/deflationary secular economic trend:
Fed Funds w/Manufacturing Employment:

And then came their turn to be fed into their own beloved Globalized furnace -
Shocked and outraged, that the fate they had visited upon everyone else could be visited upon them.

Conned the entire time by themselves.

All predicted long ago...