Friday, June 12, 2015

Save The Humans. From Themselves.

Human beings for some reason assume that every other species can go extinct due to mankind's actions, but not them

For some horrifying reason, sea lion pups are stranding themselves on the California coast and starving. Likely for a combination of reasons. Human beings likewise, are putting themselves at a similar level of extinction by herding in the direction of risk, leaving them stranded by their own denialism...

Denialism is the mass stranding mechanism for humans: Why change anything  - which would take effort - when it's so much easier to just conveniently decide that the risks don't exist. All while enjoying the benefit of telling themselves how fucking intelligent they are for not falling for the usual 'doom and gloom'. Conformity clearly has its 'benefits' when it comes to extinction. 

In the meantime, risks have coalesced and amplified across all vectors - economic, environmental, energy, social, geopolitical.

The key to denialism is to assume that all risks are uncorrelated, and more importantly they can all be dumped on future generations:

Mass shootings in Chicago and riots in Baltimore? Debate on CNN
Saber rattling with China and Russia? Engage Neocons to start WWIII
Third World poverty spreading globally? Sale at Walmart
0% interest rates and no economy? Buy stocks
No jobs? Print money
Too much debt? Borrow more money
California out of water? Drink fracking water instead
Meltdown in the Middle East? Keep bombing

All waiting to be unleashed at the same time on an Idiocracy stoned on junk food and junk culture, throwing their life savings away at the casino.

Rule #1 of survival: Don't follow dumbfucks anywhere, let alone to the beach