Friday, June 5, 2015

Chiraq @Peak Dow. Trouble In Paradise

On the downside, and to the dismay of Faux News, none of the shootings involved ISIS. Although this is still in dispute by all Republican Imperial candidates. Tying all problems to the insufficiently bombed "foreigners", being the last refuge of all failed empires.

On the upside, we know that whites won't shoot anyone when they finally tear themselves away from The Kardashians and get around to figuring out that their future was flushed down the toilet by criminal banksters. Clearly, today's "best and brightest" are neither, because those who desperately assume that this is a "black only problem" have been fat and happy in the suburbs a tad too long for their own longevity.

But most fortunately of all, this level of violence has no connection whatsoever to do with Baltimore. Because per the Idiocratic Assumption, all risks are uncorrelated. And violent crime is at a "multi-decade low".