Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On The Turning Away

Another six years has been squandered, ignoring humanity's greatest challenge - poverty.

The time wasted wasn't just for them, it was for us. But this society is too fucking stunned to figure that out. So, they get to learn the hardest way.

Poverty wasn't just ignored, it was monetized
It's grossly pathetic, but I've read ZERO essays in all of these past several years that deal with the issue of Third World poverty at the root cause level. What I come across instead is always the same recycled Ponzi Globalization bullshit that has been failing for decades straight. But the people suffering have no voice, so who gives a fuck?

Third World Exploitation is Baselined into GDP
Third World exploitation is baselined into Developed World GDP now. We take what they sell, mark it up 10x and call it "branded merchandise" aka. first quarter GDP. Without them none of "this" works. Even the esteemed ludicrously overpriced universities cranking out World Bank economists, would not be whole, were it not for this model. So it's just assumed that "they" have to keep cranking out the cheap junk for Walmart. Otherwise, "this" would all end.

Railing away at Rush Limbaugh & Co., the sociopathic advance guard who make collapse inevitable, is good fun, but it's the intellectuals pretending to give a fuck, who cause equal amounts of damage. A system can only remain in place if it retains the patina of achieving successful outcome. And myriad economists, from Jeffrey Sachs onward have given Globalization the fake seal of approval that allows it to continue. The approval that allows Seattle WTO protesters to be branded as anarchists and agitators, when U.S. manufacturing employment has been collapsing ever since 1999 at a rate of 17 factories per day. 

Human Charcoal to the Globalized Furnace
These "well intended" masters of disaster all have one thing in common, they really give no thought to the likelihood of achieving a rising standard of living under the full force and weight of an unlimited labour supply. Globalization created that massive labour pool by essentially opening up all markets to multinationals and allowing them to arbitrage supply ACROSS the labour pool rather than matching supply and demand WITHIN each national territory. They separated supply from demand to ensure that supply could be optimized aka. exploited at the lowest cost achievable globally at the marginal cost of labour i.e. $2.50/day. We treat human beings like an unlimited supply of firewood. There for our taking and used up in grotesquely vast quantities, without the least bit of generalized concern. Exploiting Third World factory slaves is baselined into our GDP now. Without them, none of "this" works. 

The era of Ponzi wealth is running into the brick wall of dumbfucks
Today's Ponzi wealth represents the monetization of Third World labour. We took the profit streams derived via unlimited quantities of labour and called it "capital". Traded it back and forth in the stock market on millisecond boundaries. From blood, sweat, and tears into Ponzi Wealth. It's the fake pillars of salt, sand, and blood that underlie this entire horrific Globalized profit machine. Fake, as I maintain, because the model only goes in one direction - growth, it cannot shrink. It can't accept less. And yet in every direction, the infinite growth model is running into the brick wall of reality. The brick wall of resource depletion. The brick wall of energy depletion. The brick wall of debt accumulation. The brick wall of self-absorbed consumption zombies.

The time wasted, wasn't just to help them, it was to help us.

We're next in line, and the society of liquidators only knows how to sell economies, not how to make one.