Friday, May 8, 2015

LiquiNation: Selling Daughters Comes Next

In an arbitraged economy (between East and West), most of what passes for wealth and income is really just estate liquidation.

Apologists for capitalism or whatever they need to call this arbitrage, want to believe that this wealth and income is all "well deserved". "We built this" bullshit. Quite the contrary, they didn't build it, they sold it. And in doing so they realized a one time dividend that is wholly unsustainable in the longer-term. 

"Real political representation must be bought, just like everything else in a market economy." [Vomit here]
"Longtime correspondent B.C. describes this reality as no representation without taxation: those who pay the most taxes are represented via their political contributions and lobbying, and the 90% who pay relatively little income tax have no real representation at all because real political representation must be bought, just like everything else in a market economy.

The wealthiest 0.01% - 0.001% pay a disproportionately large share of taxes as a kind of fee for service for "the best government money can buy," 
"The net result of "no representation without taxation" is the US has become a kind of militarist-imperialist, rentier-socialist corporate-state with a relatively friendly (mass media-generated, infotainment-constructed), egalitarian face." [CNN]

Step 1: Sell fellow citizens into indentured servitude
Step 2: Realize one-time "dividend"
Step 3: Use partial proceeds to bribe crony politician into ignoring step (1) 
Step 4: Redefine the term "tax" to mean "liquidation kick-back"

As usual, only half the truth can be found in this essay. The standard disconnect is never connecting the dots between the 90% having been systematically stripped of income, and therefore paying relatively little tax. Because the terms "income" and "tax" have been grotesquely bastardized to now mean "liquidation dividend" and "liquidation fee"

As much as I can believe in the individual's right to private transactions, whatever "this" creep show has devolved into, shows what happens when greed corrupts every aspect of a morally collapsed society.

Selling daughters is next.