Friday, May 15, 2015

Hazardous Immorality Predicts A Violent Ending

Bailing out the wealthy by decimating the middle class
In the darkest depths of post-Lehman 2008, Bernankenstein feared an economic Depression. So he orchestrated history's largest one-sided bailout, by foisting all of the costs onto middle class tax payers and none of it on to the speculators who created the fucking debacle in the first place. This is known in the insurance industry as "Moral Hazard": Incentivizing risk taking by insuring against adverse outcomes. In commonsense terms it's called no accountability.

Inflating stocks at the expense of the economy
Then Dr. Bernankenstein went much further by creating a new and much more dangerous monster, also adopted by his Global Central Bankster acolytes. A way of levitating risk assets using newly printed money, hence reducing asset volatility and giving bailed out investors an even greater false sense of complacency. That this new money was only made available to the bailed out speculators and none of it to the decimated middle class, who were instead unceremoniously laid off by the millions right after the bailout - was of no concern to Wall Street's morally void bukkake whores.

"No Fear":
Speculators are extremely confident in their fake wealth:

Unfortunately, the corporate "Atlas"-like job destroyers forgot that it's the middle class who buy all of the junk they sell. So now all of the fake wealth generated since 2009 - at the expense of a middle class - hangs by the mere thread of artificially inflated investor confidence.

Basically morons trading worthless pieces of paper back and forth, while pretending their wealth is increasing.