Thursday, May 21, 2015

DHL Risk: Overnight Delivery

In 2012, the Republican election theme was: 47% of Americans are slackers. Today the Republican theme is how do we keep them from going full Baltimore all at the same time? Democrats will campaign under their highly successful theme of pretending to give a shit.

"The report points to globalization, technological change and regulatory reforms as major factors behind the widening wealth gap...Tax cuts for high earners have also helped concentrate wealth, the report said."
[Offset by cheap junk at Walmart for jobless debt slaves]

Extremely ironically, the so-called "wealthiest" countries (Australia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, U.S.) all have far more household debt than Greece

Debt is the new "wealth", secured by Ponzi mortgages having the shelf life of a rotten banana:

"Big businesses and small are crossing more borders, bringing opportunity, prosperity and optimism into the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the developing world." [The remaining 7 billion are totally fucked]

"...At the pace of a glacier, and at the price of the planet. But as long as someone else's kids are born factory slaves, the system is working fine"