Saturday, May 2, 2015

Devastated Families: Please Remain Calm

Forty years of redistribution from the middle class to the ultra-wealthy has culminated in $4 trillion of Monetary state assistance for billunaires, the 2008 bailout, a doubling in U.S. debt absconded to offshore bank accounts, several million real jobs eliminated, and a make-believe "middle class", one paycheck from bankruptcy.

The terms "class warfare" and "redistribution" are taboo in America, unless of course they are going the other way. Too late for all of that amoral delusion. The forty year redistributive class war is over, and it was a one-sided victory. Now the real war will begin, to get back what was stolen.

Selling the soul. Visualized.

aka. how Bernankenstein & Co. "fixed" the economy

The more state assistance for billunaires, the more families are impoverished, now with 46.5 million on foodstamps, many children and veterans:

Billy Gates 2014: 
"By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been"

I mean for me. Fuck everybody else.

Nothing left to sell.